Monday, September 12, 2011

DOA Deadly Combo: The Best Sea Trout Lure For Pine Island (This Week)

Last month it was the Zara Spook, but lately DOA's Deadly Combo has been crushing the trout for me.  It's a really effective system combining the noisy float and rattle that you see in the photo with a DOA Shrimp trailing underneath it.  All you need to do reel and twitch and the come running.  It's also very effective on weed covered flats since the lure itself rides a few inches under the surface.  This is nothing more than an upgrade of the proven popping cork/live shrimp combo that has worked so well all over Florida. Unfortunately, live shrimp wind up catching a lot of things that you don't want, like catfish, and The DOA Deadly Combo rarely does.  You can pick them up for around $8 so get two.