Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sharks and Snook Off Matlacha

My most recent charter was with brothers Matt and Andy Watson who spent the day tossing lures at the mangroves in Matlacha Pass.  The small blacktip in the top picture was a real surprise since Andy was using a swim bait with only a flourocarbon leader, something more appropriate for trout than sharks.  Blacktips are seriously aggressive sharks and the little five pounder jumped just like a tarpon but never managed to get its teeth on the leader.  Trust me, they get a lot bigger than this around here.

The 28 inch snook clobbered a Zara Spook inside the Burnt Store Bar right in the shadow of the mangroves.  There's no shortage of fish like this one hanging around this time of year and a topwater is my favorite way to hook them.  Of course tossing handfuls of greenbacks under these bushes is more effective but it doesn't give that same expolsive strike like a Spook.