Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Matlacha Fishing Report: Early Morning Slam

Matlacha Pass is loaded with fish right now, especially during the morning's rising tides.  These are some shots of the Slam that my dad caught using a white Zara Spook.
This redfish hit first along the mangroves inside the Burnt Store Bar.  I've been hearing from other guides and kayakers that there have been a pile of reds up there lately.  The big schools of breeding size fish will show up next month but for now there are plenty of these guys available.  This 22-incher's close encounter with dad's Spook earned him a one way trip to my grill. 
This 18 inch snook hit a few minutes later.  Not a fantastic fish but there were clearly a pile of them under the bushes this morning.  Every third cast got wacked into the air which is common behavior with mid-size snook.  The hooks found this one and he went right back in the water after the photo.
Here's the trout that finished up the Slam.  Of course we had to hunt around for another two hours to find him but that's always the way it happens.  Somedays we catch sea trout on every other cast but when you really need one they're as scarce as Bigfoot.  

There are also a bunch of rolling juvenile tarpon still around but good luck getting close to them unless you're in a kayak or poling a very quiet skiff like mine.  Tides will be excellent for them after sunrise over the next three days.