Thursday, August 11, 2011

Jumping Tarpon On Fly In Charlotte Harbor

Here I am exacuting a flawless bow to a juvenile tarpon on the flats of Charlotte Harbor just before breaking my buddy Mike's new fly rod by high-sticking the same fish next to the boat.  Sorry, Mike, I'm an idiot.

We got into several schools of these mid-sized fish rolling along the mangroves in three feet of water.  They were in a very hungry mood and we had a bunch of takes at this spot.  The really big tarpon are scarce on the flats right now but 10 to 20 pounders will be easy to find.  Pine Island Sound and Matlacha Pass are famous for baby tarpon during the late summer and fall and these are my favorite fish to chase with a fly rod.  Also, the orange thing on my deck in those photos is a large beach towel that I throw over my trolling motor.  This stops the fly line from snagging since don't like using a stripping basket when there's no wind.