Saturday, August 20, 2011

Easy Canvas Prints

Photography is a becoming a bigger hobby of mine so I was really excited to discover Easy Canvas Prints.  They can take any digital photo and reproduce it on canvas with two different border sizes.  I chose a close-up shot of a tarpon I caught recently and had it printed as an 11x14 gallery wrap on a 3/4" frame.  It's a simple four step process and I designed and ordered the print on their website in less than five minutes.  I got the canvas a few days later and was thrilled with how it looked.  The detail of the fish was exceptional, especially since I was only using a 10 mega-pixel camera and had cropped the image significantly.  Using a 14 mega-pixel camera will produce even more impressive images on these canvases.  This is a great way to create your own artwork at a really affordable price so check them out sometime,  I plan on doing a lot more business with them in the future.