Friday, July 1, 2011

Tarpon In Matlacha Pass

Idaho angler Brooke Treutel landed two out of three tarpon with me yesterday using live pinfish.  They were all juvenile fish, between ten to twenty pounds, but they're the best jumpers and perfect for the light spinning gear she was using.  Her dad Eric also hooked a similar sized tarpon on a red and black Puglisi fly but this fish immediately found a crab trap and freed itself on the bouy.  There are a lot of small to mid-sized tarpon still rolling around in the dark water of the pass both north and south of the bridge.  Despite the frequent storms, the winds have been mostly calm in the mornings which makes these fish a lot more active near the surface.  They're still impossible to spot after they submerge so if you're planning on casting a fly to them be ready for a lot of frustration.  Live bait is definitely the way to go if you want up the odds of hooking a tarpon around Matlacha right now.