Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tailing Redfish Return To Matlacha

Thanks to some very low tides happening near sunset, we've been seeing lots of tailing redfish on the flats off Matlacha this week.  The only drawback is the floating grass that practically covers the water and makes any kind of lure fishing impossible.  A fly rod is my favorite tool when the fish are tailing and they're pretty effective for grassy conditions, too.  Angler Rodney Trugman used an 8-weight Loomis with an unweighted shrimp pattern to hook this little 16 inch red with me last night.  This fish was following a stingray in less than a foot of water just north of Matlacha and hit the fly as soon as it landed.  There were a lot of bigger reds around but the flat calm conditions made them insanely spooky.