Sunday, July 31, 2011

Redfish In The Bushes

They might not be huge but right now we're catching lots of nice reds using live bait under the mangroves.  Shrimp are my favorites since they're easy to purchase at any bait shop but pilchards and pinfish work great, too.  The local boys pictured above, Aaron, his dad Patrick, and uncle Jim, also landed a couple keeper trout and had a few nice snook hit using finger mullet but didn't land any of those so no Slam this time. 

The keeper red in this photo was caught on a shrimp tipped jig head sitting dead still under the treeline of Little Pine island.  It was also right at high noon when the sun was getting unbearably hot and we were talking about quitting.  The fish must have heard us since the bite turned on immediately.  Funny how that happens.  If you have a bimini top on your boat, high noon and high tide can be really productive right now.