Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pine Island Fishing Report: More Tailing Redfish

The redfish schools in both Matlacha Pass and Pine Island Sound will become more visible as we head into August.  Falling tides in the evenings are my favorite times to chase them since this also give us the best tailing conditions.  From 6 to 8 PM are excellent times to be on the water and escape the heat of the day.  Check the tide charts for lows that happen in this time frame and you'll almost certainly find tailers.  I hit one of my favorite grass flats north of Matlacha last night with local angler Kyle Petrick and we spent two solid hours chasing reds on the fly but not hooking any.  We had several good shots but if the water was just a few inches shallower there would have been a lot more tails sticking up for us. Keep an eye on the water when your chasing these falling tide reds.  It's very easy to get stuck while you're focused on the fish and spending a couple hours on the flats after sunset can be miserable here in the middle of mosquito season.