Monday, July 11, 2011

Key West Flats Fishing Part 1: Bonefish

I just came back from a weekend in Key West fishing with my buddy Capt. Mike Bartlett on his fantastic new Beavertail BT3 flats skiff. The weather was excellent and we hit the bonefish jackpot. Here are some of the shots from day one.

Mike's new Beavertail BT3.  The first one made.

Leaving Garrison Bight at sunrise.

The BT3 is one of the smoothest running skiffs on the market and incredibly dry.

Poling the flats near Marvin Key.

Capt. Mike hooked up on and clearing his line on a small bonefish.

A beautiful three pounder.  Not huge but they were everywhere.

The BT3 easily floats in less than 7 inches.

A quick release.

My favorite new fly:  the Avalon Crab.

One for me using a Clouser Minnow.

Happy Hour at Turtle Kraals.