Thursday, July 7, 2011

Great Interview With Flip Pallot

One of my favorite websites is The Itinerant Angler. It's mostly a fly fishing forum that is a glowing example of how an online community should be run. Every member signs up using their first and last names which makes it completely devoid of the trolls and bashers that spoil other forums at places like the Hull Truth and Florida Sportsman. One of the best features of The Itinerant Angler is the excellent podcasts produced by publisher Zach Matthews. These are half hour to 45 minute interviews with an interesting cross section of fly fishing personalities. My favorite podcast of all was his March, 2011 conversation with legendary angler Flip Pallot, host of the classic "Walker's Cay Chronicles," the best fishing show ever produced. Give it a listen and mourn for the loss of this great series and the sad, current state of televised fishing.