Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Big Snook On Fly Off Matlacha

Snook fishing in Matlacha Pass has been amazing this year and it even seems to be heating up these past few weeks.  I've had a lot of anglers hook big slot-sized fish last month while we were out looking for tarpon.  Last night it was my turn when I hooked this beautiful 29 incher an hour before sunset in the Indian Fields.  I was casting a 2/0 Crystal Schminnow, the world's best snook fly, right under the mangroves with a 9-weight Sage rod.  Even though I had a heavier leader rigged for tarpon, with 20# tippet and 40# shock leader, the big linesider still came very close to powering its way back under the mangroves and busting the flourocarbon.  Fortunately my dad was on the boat with me and he jumped on the trolling motor and powered us away from the shore, giving me some more room to pull on the fish.  Five minutes later we had him landed, photographed and released.  Big snook on a fly are a serious challenge but there are a lot of them swimming around Matlacha right now.  If you want to target one this is one of the better spots in all of Florida.