Thursday, May 19, 2011

Matlacha Fishing Report: Tight Lipped Tarpon And Lots Of Snook

The winds finally died down yesterday but the baby tarpon have been slow to start rolling again in Matlacha Pass.  Charlotte Harbor is still just a bit murky and that makes the bigger cruising fish a little tough to spot, too.  That will all change in the next 48 hours and the tarpon fishing will come roaring back to life for anyone looking to sight cast to these guys with a fly rod. 

The snook fishing on the other hand has been awesome all week.  I was amazed by the sheer numbers of big fish we spotted yesterday.  I was on a charter with local angler Steve Pivacheck and the photo above is a close up of the first snook that he landed on a green and white Deceiver fly.  These fish were all over the mangrove shorelines from Burnt Store through Buzzard's Bay.  Every bush we cast two had a handful of 20 inchers underneath it and every 50 yards or so we'd spot a big slot-sized fish sunning itself over a bright sand spot.

Whether or not the state decides to open their season up again this fall, our snook population here in SW Florida is exceptionally healthy.  Right now I'm sitting on the fence with my opinion on this issue.  I'm content to catch and release them but I also think reopening the season will send a positive message to the potential anglers who would like to come here and fish for them later this year.  For once, I'll actually be ok with either decision that the state of Florida makes on an issue that directly affects me.  That's a weird feeling.