Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Best Hooks For Tarpon Flies: Owner Cutting Point SSW

I've been tying all of my tarpon flies for the past ten years on Owner Cutting Point hooks, specifically the Model 5311-121 in size 2/0.  There are a couple of reasons that these have been my only choice for all this time.  First of all, they've got the sharpest point I've ever seen.  Their triple edge functions almost like a knife blade allowing it to slice into the bone of a tarpon's mouth.  They require a lot less pressure on the strike to do this and still hold.  These hooks have a small but very effective barb that keeps them in place but still allows them to be quickly and easily removed with little damage to the fish.  Finally, their forged steel allows them to rust quickly if they're left behind in a fish's mouth.  This is a very common occurrence in tarpon fishing and is the reason why I never use stainless hooks for this species.  Owners aren't cheap but you don't want to cut costs when it comes to the possible fish of a lifetime.