Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Simple Tarpon Flies

With the tarpon already rolling around in Charlotte Harbor and Pine Island Sound, it's time to start gearing up to chase these fish with the fly rod.  In the fifteen years that I've been guiding, at least 90% of the tarpon I've hooked from my boat have been fooled by a few versions these simple but very effective rabbit fur streamers.  There are a lot of trendy flies such as Toads and Puglisis getting all the attention lately but you can't beat a classic Tarpon Bunny.  These patterns, tied on 2/0 Owner SC15 hooks, are the easiest of all tarpon flies to tie.  They're nothing more than two inches of Zonker strip for the tail and chenille or cross-cut fur for the head.  You can easily churn out a dozen of them in an hour even if your tying skills are still at the beginner's level.  Tarpon of all sizes love them and so will you when you see how much money you can save by whipping up a few of your own.