Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cabbage Key Fishing: Big Sea Trout On The Flats

Everyone is Southwest Florida jokes that you'll catch the biggest sea trout of the year on December 31st, the last day that their season is closed, and they always seem to disappear the very next morning.  So far this year that hasn't been the case.  We are absolutely slamming the big trout all over Pine Island, especially over the grass flats in the northern part of the Sound.  The fish in these photos were caught on the flats near Jug Creek and also around Cabbage Key and they were not the largest ones we landed.  After the redfish stopped tailing we switched from flies to topwater lures and drew strike after strike from these big, legal sized trout.  It's really a blast to hook into one of these fish that can actually pull some line from a reel.  It's even nicer to be able to grill a few up, too.