Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Alaska Guide Scores A Redfish

I had another great charter yesterday going after tailing reds on the fly with Pat Ganje and his wife Teresa.  Pat works as a guide for Frontier River Guides of Alaska running float trips on some of the major salmon rivers up there.  We had negative low tides for much of the morning which gave us excellent sight casting conditions all day.  Pat was using one of his deer hair salmon flies which was perfect for the shallow and grassy waters of northern Matlacha Pass.  The 23 inch red pictured above was part of a small school of tailers that popped up less than forty feet off my bow.  Pat dropped the fly directly on top of them and got an instantaneous hit.  Reds are notorious for clobbering anything when they're schooled up and this fish was no different.  After a few quick runs it was on board and posing for hero shots.  We've got an unbeatable combination of weather and tides right now that make this one of the best redfish seasons I've ever seen.  If you want a lot of shots at these fish on fly give me a call.