Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Backyard Jacks

Last week I posted some shots of the jacks we've been hooking on the flats just north of Matlacha.  Over the past few days we haven't even had to travel that far to catch these fish.  Big schools of jack crevalles have been cruising right up and down the canals of the island starting at the drawbridge and heading north.  They're looking for schools of glass minnows and when the jacks find them they'll push the smaller fish right up against the sea walls and start feeding.  It's an obvious sight and it literally looks like someone is tossing Cherry Bombs into the water.  The five pounders in these photos were part of a school of at least 200 fish and we chased them for half and hour just using the trolling motor and tossing Zara Spooks into the frenzy.  These are incredibly hard pulling fish for their size so you'll need at least 20# Power Pro line to stop them from running under the dock pilings and making off with your lures.