Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Jacks In The Pass

These medium size jacks were busting bait in the northern part of Matlacha Pass last week from the drawbridge to the Indian Fields.  They're really easy to find right now, just look for the diving birds and toss anything into the fray.  I've been really successful with the all -white Zulus by Strike King that you see pictured above.  These are an insanely tough soft plastic that can be rigged dozens of different ways.  They can survive almost anything and aren't much more expensive than most other soft baits.  A single Zulu survived all three jacks pictured above as well as several trout and a bluefish.  That much action would normally use up half a pack of Exudes or Gulps.  Old Pine Island Marine down in St. James City stocks a variety of these Strike Kings so pick up a few before your next trip.  They work on everything.