Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dear Heddon,

     Please put stronger hooks on your Zara Spooks!  Would you look at those things up there?  That's pathetic.  Those bent paper clips you call "hooks" cost me a huge redfish last weekend.  I never even got to see it up close but it was at least 36 inches. That's one of the biggest I'd ever hooked here on Pine Island.  I only got a 10 second run out of it and then, See Ya!  I wasn't even using heavy line, just 20-pound Power Pro with a 30-pound leader on an expensive and super smooth Shimano reel. 

      That redfish was obviously double-hooked but it came loose after one of the front hook points snapped and two of the rear points just straightend right out like they were warmed over with a blow torch.  Sorry Heddon, but that shouldn't happen with a lure that set me back almost eight bucks.

      I know I could have just replaced your factory hooks myself, (a lot of guides do) but I shouldn't have to resort to that.  Quality tackle should come with no compromises.  I'll gladly spend the extra dollar per lure for some seriously beefy treble hooks if you'll rig them that way at the factory.  C'mon guys, this is supposed to be a SALTWATER lure here!

      Don't get me wrong, Heddon.  I still love the Zara Spook.  It's the best topwater ever invented, but let's do something to make my love unconditional.  When my customers ask me what's my favorite all-around lure, I shouldn't have to say, "The Zara-Spook, but their hooks suck." 

      Let's fix that, OK?

Yours Truly,

Capt. Gregg McKee