Sunday, June 13, 2010

Tarpon Season 2010 On Pine Island

Tarpon season is in full swing down here on Pine Island and we're seeing them in all the usual places by the hundreds. In Matlacha Pass we're hooking smaller fish like the one pictured above which I landed last evening. It was a nice twenty pounder and put up a good ten minute fight on my 10-wt Sage Xi-2. The water was dead calmbut covered with grass when we started fishing for them an hour before sunset. The fish were rolling everywhere but working normal tarpon streamers was impossible since they'd immediately snag a hookful of weeds. I eventually tied on a weighted crab fly and cast to the closest roll, let it sink for two seconds, and twitched it once. That's all it took and the tarpon hit before the fly could get fouled with grass. This is the pattern I used, a modified Merkin that I call the Vieques Crab.

Sunrise and sunset is the time to be on the water to spot the rolling pods of these smaller fish in the Pass. The middle of the day is insanely hot right now and that's the time to be poolside or sleeping in the AC which is what I prefer.