Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Big Snook From The East Coast

My buddy Paul Murray sent me this photo yesterday of one of the prizewinning snook he's caught on the flats near Stuart, Florida. This part of the east coast is famous for huge snook and produces some of the biggest in the state. Stuart was also hit hard by last winter's freeze, just like we were here on Pine Island, but despite all the doom and gloom predictions their snook population is doing just fine. Can't wait to head over there and land one of these for myself.

As you can see by the name on the platform in the background, Paul runs a skiff built by Release Boats called the Classic 15. This is a cool little skiff that uses the lap strake construction method that isn't seen very much anymore. Fans of the classic Willy Roberts or Hewes series of boats, before they were bought and redesigned by Maverick, will recognize this style. I've seen one of these Release 15's in person and they're real head turners.