Monday, March 1, 2010

Sightcasting To Matlacha Redfish

Our water is as clear as the Key West's right now and this makes it really great for sightcasting to cruising redfish, and there are a lot of them around these days in Matlacha Pass. We found dozens of really nice, slot sized redfish swimming along the shorelines of both sides of the Pass yesterday. I also spooked nearly every one. They could clearly see me just as soon as I saw them and they were even tougher to fool than almost any Keys bonefish.

I finally landed the red pictured above by casting ten feet in front of it and getting the timing just right for the fly to cross his path. Once he saw the #4 rabbit fur pattern he didn't hesitate and pounced like a good redfish is supposed to pounce. It was a perfect 24 inch red and was also the first fish that took me into the backing in some time.

After Saturday's front our water is back into the lower 60's but there are no cold spells forecast for this week. Yet. The redfish don't seem to mind at all and our bright skies are actually making this the best sightcasting time of the year.

Right now my guiding schedule is wide open and I've even lowered my rates due to the poor economy. A half day is now $275 and a full day is $400. Times are tough for everyone and if dropping my prices will help get someone out on the water that's the least I can do.