Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fishing The Myakka River

The Myakka River is one of the most beautiful spots in Southwest Florida. I towed my boat up to Venice and launched at the Snook Haven, a great bar and restaurant where the classic Tarzan flick "Revenge of the Killer Turtles" was filmed in 1938. I've never seen the movie and I didn't see a single turtle or any other reptile while we were there because it was cold as hell. The water temperature was 52 degrees and the air temp was a few degrees colder. It was as cold as I've ever been on the water here in Florida.

We were hoping to land some big snook but only manage to jump one undersized fish. At the beginning of a cold snap like this the fish are simply interested in staying warm and feeding will come later. No matter what, the Myakka is a fantastic spot and a photographer's dream and the Snook Haven makes the best chilli dog I've ever eaten.