Monday, January 11, 2010

Massive Fish Kill In Southwest Florida

We've been hit by the worst cold snap in the last 25 years here in Southwest Florida and have set new record lows almost every day this past week. Our water temperatures have really plummeted quickly and this morning our canal was only 49 degrees. Unfortuately this is fatal to snook and several other species and a huge fish kill has happened up and down the coast. Thousands of fish are dead or dying all over the flats and it's a really sad sight. The only good news is that two of our most important species of gamefish, the sea trout and redfish, are immune to these drops and will do just fine. Also, the tarpon have all left for warmer water months ago and will be back as usual this spring. These fish kills are unfortunate but natural occurrences and the strongest and most gentically superior snook will survive them. No anlger ever wants to see hundreds of dead fish for any reason but hopefully this will help shut the Global Warming crowd up even more.
Update: I'll be heading out on the water every morning this week and my charters are still on schedule. We saw plenty of redfish and trout yesterday so if you're planning a trip to the area don't panic. We still have a lot of fish that survived and if you have any questions feel free to call me at 239-565-2960.