Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sliders For Redfish

Now that our water is turning especially clear as it does every December, the redfish have become especially spooky. This means that casting a soft landing fly will be one of the most productive ways to hook them.

I posted some shots of an antelope hair slider a few days ago which is a great pattern but a bit difficult to put together. Here's a fly that's as simple to make as is it effective on tailing reds.

This foam slider is made out of a medium size Mini-Me popper head with the concave end facing backwards on the hook making it more aerodynamic and easier to cast. This also causes the fly to slip quietly right under the surface every time it's stripped. The marabou tail adds a little extra pulsing action while the fly is sitting still. I tied this on a 2/0 hook and they take no more than a minute to put together.

I like to cast these flies as close as possible to the tailing reds we find at the bottom of the tide. These fish are usually so focused on what they're trying to dig out of the grass that they don't notice the fly land. I let the fly sit until the tail slips back under the suface. This means that the fish has pulled its head out of the grass and can now spot something on the surface. A couple of quick, smooth strips will usually get their attention. If I see the push from a chasing fish I switch to some very short but quick and spastic twitches with the line and rod tip. This keeps the fly moving without outrunning the closing red. Since prey won't slow down for the predator this usually seals the deal and causes the strike.

An easy fly and easy technique for a tricky fish.