Thursday, November 19, 2009

Foggy Morning Reds

Running out in bank of solid fog is a little bizarre for me. It felt like we were in the opening scene of "King Kong" and were pushing through heavy mist to get to Skull Island. In the past fifteen years of fishing Puerto Rico and the Keys I've seen fog about four times. We were in my buddy Capt. Joe Harley's boat this morning and fortunately his brain has a built in GPS for this area. He got us to a great flat without plowing into anything solid.

The fog started lifting at about 10 AM. We had mullet everywhere and that means redfish too at this time of year.

We didn't have many tailing fish but Joe spotted one feeding just a few yards from the bow. I dropped an Olive Schminnow on its tail but the red still came charging after it. This one had some bonefish genetics in it since it tore off at Warp Speed and got me well into my 9 weight's backing. I haven't had a redfish do that in a long time. He was a solid 24 inches and was fooled by an olive Crystal Schminnow fly pattern.