Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Antelope Hair Sliders

One of my regular anglers from out in Idaho is both a great fly tyer and an avid hunter. This means he has access to natural materials that we don't usually find here in our coastal fly shops, like antelope pelts. On his trip to Pine Island last month he brought several great looking slider patterns tied with pronghorn antelope hair. This is some of the most boyant natural material I've ever seen. It's also a lot easier to spin than the more commonly available deer hair used in most commercial slider patterns.

 I used one of these flies to land this nice red on a very low tide just a few days ago.

Antelope hair is available from several different online fly shops for around $6 per package. This is enough for dozens of sliders or other saltwater sized flies. I've never tried this hair before but now it's all I'll use for my topwater flies. Give this stuff a try and you'll be sold on it, too.