Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Snapper And Reds On Fly, Pine Island Sound

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Capt. Joe Harley and I went out at sunrise this morning to look for one last push of tarpon before a front comes through this week. The big fish were absent but we found a lot of rolling babies in the creeks but got no hookups. We did see a lot of snook around several oyster bars and Joe landed an undersized one on a deerhair fly.

The snapper pictured above hit a white minnow pattern under the mangroves while we were casting at some laid up snook. Big snapper like this are a really underrated gamefish for fly rods. They hit like a ton of brick and pull harder than many fish twice their size.

I landed a couple small trout by blind casting around another oyster bar and then got a big strike on a copper colored shrimp pattern. I had landed the fly in the middle of a small school of redfish and got eaten by the 25 incher pictured above. Both sides of Pine Island are loaded with fish like this and we've been landing a lot of perfect slot size reds all month. This was a great morning especially since we've got a good tournament coming up this weekend.