Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Redfish On The Fly In Matlacha

My buddy and I went out this morning hoping to catch a few late season tarpon. We found a few small fish rolling in their usual haunts but kept getting hit by ladyfish as we blind casted. I didn't want them tearing up my flies or sliming the boat so we ran north towards Burnt Store hoping to find a school of redfish.

Jackpot. There were at least a hundred reds in this particular school and all of them hungry. They pushed an amazing amount of bait in front of them. We even saw several small flounders skipping across the surface to avoid getting clobbered.

Our first redfish hit an olive Schminnow pattern and was easily more than 30 inches, well over the slot limit. I hooked two more fish on a new crab fly tied my one of my anglers from Idaho. It worked like a charm. Even when we had the school totally spooked and running from the boat the reds still grabbed the fly as they shot towards deeper water.

This was an amazing morning and we're not even fully into redfish season yet. And all this happend just a fifteen minute boat ride from home.