Sunday, September 13, 2009

Everything Loves The Schminnow

Here's a sample of what I caught this week using a white Crystal Schminnow. All of these fish were caught within two miles of Matlacha. If you have to have only one fly in your box, this is the one. It's as easy to use as it is to tie and also available and any Southwest Florida fly shop.

One the fishing front, the tarpon are thinning out on the flats but still rolling in all the canals and most backcountry creeks. These are our resident juveniles and they love eating flies in the mornings and at sunset.

Reds are everywhere and some amazing schools are marching across the flats of Pine Island Sound. Some of the schools I've seen this week have been so huge that "herds" is a more appropriate term to use. Anytime you find mullet these days you'll usually find a redfish or two.

Trout are as consisent as ever and getting bigger as fall approaches. These fish are the best fly rod target for a beginner or anyone trying for a quick hookup from a kayak or on foot. In addition to streamers like the Schminnow, trout will hit any baitfish pattern, especially at the top of the tide.

We're two weeks into snook season and I have to admit to being frustrated by these fish. I've been sticking with flies and topwater lures almost exclusively on my last few trips so I know I'm missing out on them. I watched another guide chum up over a dozen snook last Sunday by tossing pilchards over a flat near Captiva. I plan on doing an all-out bait trip in a few days and finally bagging a bigger snook and a slot sized keeper for the grill