Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Stuff I Like: Stick It Anchor Pins

The 8 foot Stick It Anchor Pin is one of the most useful things I've purchased for my skiff in years. The Stick It is as simple as it gets; a flexible composite pole with a hard plastic T-handle on top that allows you to shove it down into the bottom. It also has a floating lanyard for securing it anywhere on your boat. I've used this system over grass, sand, mud, and even oyster bars (which they don't recommend,) and never had a problem with it holding my 18' Beavertail B-2. My boat is a very light skiff and heavier hulls won't work as well with this system.

The Stick It completely eliminates the hassle of anchoring in less than 6 feet of water and holds better on a firm bottom than the standard push pole thanks to smaller diameter. You should be aware of one thing if you buy this product: unlike a push pole, they don't float. Drop it in the water and it'll sink like a rock. Stick It does sell a simple foam float system that attaches to the handle and this should be a standard feature on all of these anchors.

I think of my Stick It as a Poor-Man's Power Pole. These $1500 mechanical systems that are becomming standard on almost every shallow water boat in Florida and the Stick It sells for about $1400 less than that. Power Poles are extremely useful for bigger skiffs and a Stick It is a great accessory when used together, allowing you to quickly hold the bow in just about any position. We do this all the time in my dad's very heavy Action Craft with no troubles.

The Stick It comes in lengths of 5.5' for kayaks and 7' or 8' models for power boats. I highly recommend the 8' model which will realistically allow you to anchor in 6 feet of water or less.

I paid $85 for mine and it's a bargain to get something so useful for that price