Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Redfish Season Is Here

This is what you're missing if you're not in Southwest Florida right now. The fall is always our best time of year for big tailing redfish but they're already here in really decent numbers and the big schools will be showing up soon. Over the next few months we'll start to see some very low tides which is when fly fishing for these reds is as good as it gets.

I caught the red pictured here last night just before sunset on the flats north of Matlacha. It ate a green Crystal Schminnow which has been a perfect all-around fly for this area all summer long. This redfish was right at the upper slot limit of 27 inches, making it legal to keep, and weighed 6 pounds. Too bad I wasn't in a tournament, it could have been worth some money.

In a lot of ways, redfish are one of saltwater's perfect fly rod targets. You don't have to be a complete expert to catch them and they're available all over Florida and the other Gulf states. At times, they eat almost anything and you don't need a mess of expensive, high tech gear to tackle them.