Monday, August 31, 2009

It's Still Tarpon Season On Pine Island

The tarpon are still rolling all over the place in Pine Island Sound and Matlacha Pass right now. For the most part these are smaller fish but the occasional 50 pounder will show up with them. We caught the one pictured here yesterday afternoon at the peak of tide. He was in a large school spread out over 100 yards along the mangroves. This 15 pound tarpon hit a 1/0 white Crystal Schminnow which is quickly becomming my favorite for this area.

Since our water is still exceptionally dark at high tide, I get the best results with tarpon by simply throwing right on top of them as soon as they roll. Anywhere else that tactic will spook the hell out of them but here around Pine Island it works quite well when using a fly rod. With live bait or lures it's not a good idea and you still have to lead the fish.