Monday, August 24, 2009

Huge Pine Island Jacks

If the Hell's Angels were fish, they'd be a school of jack crevalles. These are brutal, hard fighting thugs that will hit anything that moves, and they're one of my favorite fish of all time. Crevalles are very common all over Florida and the southwest coast is no exception. Here on Pine Island we've been seeing big schools of them blasting bait on the surface every day just a few hours before sunset. That makes them very easy to spot and once they start feeding they're just as easy to catch. These fish will literally hit anything that moves. It doesn't matter what you put in front of them, a live bait, lure, fly, bananna, or Barbie Doll, they'll attack it. The ten pounder in this photo hit a MirroLure and took over five minutes to land using 30# braid. These jacks can easily grow to four times this size and if they got much bigger, nobody would ever go swimming around here.