Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Norm's Crystal Schminnow: The Best Fly For Southwest FL

This is a variation of the Norm Zeigler's Crystal Schminnow, already a great all around pattern for most inshore species in Florida. I've found that the addition of a mini glass rattle tied onto the back of the hook shank adds both noise and bulk to the fly, two factors that help trigger strikes in darker water. Glass rattles are a litte bit tricky to incorporate into flies if you haven't used them before. One thing that helps it to start with a heavier than normal thread base on the hook. I was also using a lot of super glue at first but the more I worked with rattles the less I needed, which makes for a more clean looking fly. Norm's Crystal Schminnow can be ordered online and is exceptionally easy for beginners to tie. Try a few of the regular variation at first and then use one or two with the rattle added, especially on an easy target like sea trout. You'll notice a definite difference.