Friday, July 17, 2009

Tarpon Everywhere In Charlotte Harbor

I've managed to jump several tarpon each day this past week, especially using fly rods. We landed two this morning while fishing with my dad on his birthday. Neither of these were big fish, around twenty pounds each, but they were perfect light tackle targets. Dad was using a 7 foot spinning rod and I was casting my 9 weight Sage and using a 1/0 fly. Pattern style or color isn't really important right now. You simply need to get the fly in front of the fish. That's not always easy since the water can be very dark, especially the further you get away from Gulf beaches. We were fishing near the Burnt Store area of the Harbor and the water was almost black. The flat calm conditions helped by forcing the tarpon to roll at the surface a lot. The two fish we landed ate right after after they rolled and we landed the fly and bait right on their heads. This would never happen in the Keys. Dropping a fly on a tarpon's head down there sends them packing for Cuba.