Thursday, September 18, 2014

First Photos: Beavertail Lightning In Flight

I had the chance to run Beavertail's new 20 footer on the Manatee River in a light chop this morning with the throttle wide open.  Just amazing.
72mph with two passengers and a full tank of gas.
Massive front deck and no spray.

The best tournament boat on the water.
Another angle of showing off the front deck area. 
Sizing up the competition.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Right Place At The Right Time

Sometimes we have to give blind luck all of the credit for a great day on the water. I went out the other morning with my buddy Tyler Davis on his beautiful new Beavertail Strike to fish the south part of Matlacha Pass. We spent almost two hours in one of my favorite spots and couldn't draw a single bite.  We decided to run north to another promising flat but half  way there came across several schools of busting jacks and reds.  The next hour and a half was pure awesome and it all happened in an area not much bigger than a football field.  Thanks, Blind Luck.

Monday, September 15, 2014

A Seafood Connoisseur

I watched this white ibis pick baby stone crabs out the grass off Bokeelia for almost twenty minutes the other night.  Each time the bird pulled one up it would shake its beak to break of the claw and only swallow that part.  This guy clearly knew what he was doing out there. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Beavertail Lightning At The Tampa Florida Sportsman Expo This Weekend

You can check out Beavertail's 75 mph rocket sled this weekend at the Tampa State Fairgrounds.  And that's not a typo, the Lightning's top speed with the 200hp Evinrude is really 75 mph.  Here's a shot of the GPS to prove it.
This boat is actually rated for a lot more power and the next one is being rigged with a 250hp Mercury Pro XS.  I'm thinking 80 mph is a possibility.  And no, I won't be replacing my 70hp BT3 with a Lightning any time soon.  I don't need that much boat but if I ever wanted to make a go at the redfish tournament circuit, it would be on top of my list. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Kentucky angler Carol Cook landed this beautiful pompano yesterday on a live shrimp.  We were fishing in three feet of water over grass near the Burnt Store bar.  To spot these guys, local anglers know to always watch your boat's wake when coming off plane.  Pompano will skip out of the water like a Frisbee when spooked and when you see one there are usually others down there.  Drift back over that same area and bounce some shrimp off the bottom and you'll usually hook a few.  They're great little fighters and look even better on a grill drizzled with melted butter.